Twitter Jokes Of The Week: A Festive End-Of-Year Special

21/12/2012 09:41 | Updated 21 December 2012

After 50 (count 'em!) weeks of rounding up Twitter funny, we're taking a break for Christmas - but not before we bring you a range of silly Christmas jokes and funny festive tweets to tide you over 'til January, of course.

So if you find the jokes in your Christmas crackers somewhat lacking this year, then may we suggest you read a few of the following out to your family. They're all good, clean fun. Well, apart from the 'yellow snow angel' one... and the one about Santa being a cocaine dealer...

But we digress. Because the main thing is simply this: please have, in the words of Sir Paul McCartney, a wonderful Christmastime. Please consume, in the words of Sir Cliff Richard, misteltoe and wine. Oh wait - no, not mistletoe. Wine. Just wine. Yes, mainly wine. And please step, as Sir Elton John instructed, into Christmas.

And thank you all, funny people of Twitter, for providing us with so many great jokes and lines to put in the round-ups each week, and for brightening our day every day this year (except for the days we didn't log on to Twitter, but to be honest, that didn't happen very often) with your lovely, brilliant, tweets. Thank you for the gift of laughter... *starts welling up*... Thank you for everything... *friends start to look worried*... God bless us, every one!... *is carried off, crying*....

See you next year!

Twitter Festive Jokes
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