Fulham's Premier League win at West Brom on New Year's Day was marred by a horrific third kit which featured orange, black and white.

Nobody thought Dimitar Berbatov could wear anything worse after his 'Keep calm' T-shirt, but he did at the Hawthorns.

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  • Thought Berbatov couldn't wear something worse than that 'Keep calm' T-shirt?

  • Arsenal's messy homage to Peter Schmeichel's 1996-97 kit

  • A Merseyside monstrosity

  • Gingham style

  • Whatever happened to Southampton's stripes?

  • Fluorescent chic, or sh-

  • Stoke break away from the yellow

  • What's with the bands on the sleeves? More Manchester United than Arsenal

  • Note the incongruous yellow cuffs

  • At least the sponsors are a good cause

  • The maritime kit...

  • The strobe lighting effect may have taking its toll on Torres' sight given his shooting

  • Nothing especially terrible, but it has Waitrose on it. On a football shirt

  • Pinstripes? Fulham ain't the Yankees

  • Looking good apart from the gold. 100th anniversaries should only + gold when there is a trophy cabinet to complement the celebrations

  • Decent design but black and grey and light blue...

Instead of donning their admittedly tainted black strip Fulham wore what should be a superfluous third kit.

Unnecessary kit changes have occurred a lot this season as clubs seek to maximise their commercial revenue. Liverpool have been chief culprits (black kit away at Tottenham and QPR) while Spurs were also clad in their half-and-half travesty at Arsenal.

One of the worst seasons for Premier League kits in living memory, the gallery features everything from the garish to the gingham.