Rylan Clark Asked X Factor's 2Shoes Singer To Be Surrogate Mum

16/01/2013 10:13

Imagine if Rylan Clark were to have a baby with one of 'X Factor duo 2Shoes.

Orange baby, much?

Well, according to 2Shoes' Lucy Texeira the 'Celebrity Big Brother' star once asked her to make this a reality.

lucy texeria rylan clark

Rylan Clark and Lucy Texeria

Lucy has told New! magazine of how Rylan - who she met eight years ago in Ibiza when he was in a Take That tribute act - wanted her to be a surrogate mother to his child, but she said no.

She said: “Yeah, he definitely wants kids. He's asked me to be the baby's mum, but I said no. It's not for me.

“He's always looking for love! He really wants a boyfriend and kids," she added.

The 2Shoes singer also spoke of how Rylan told her of the torment he faced at school.

Rylan - whose real name is Ross - was apparently called 'gay, ginger Ross' by bullies.

gym competition

Rylan Clark

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