Eden Hazard Sent Off For Kicking Ball Boy Charlie Morgan (VIDEO)

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Eden Hazard received the first red card of his Chelsea career for kicking a ball boy in the Blues' Capital One Cup semi-final draw with Swansea.

Swansea saw out the goalless match to reach the Wembley final where they will face Bradford City, but the dull encounter was enlivened by 22-year-old Hazard's frustration.

eden hazard

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The ball boy, 17-year-old Charlie Morgan, was deliberately slow as he went to collect the ball, much to Hazard's chagrin. Having been identified by avid tweeters, it was discovered Morgan, who now has over 70,000 followers, said he was "#needed #for #timewasting" in one tweet posted at 6.33pm.

Charlie Morgan™
The king of all ball boys is back making his final appearance

Having beaten the Belgian to collect the ball, Morgan refused to give the ball to Hazard and decided to lay on it, which prompted the Chelsea forward to kick the ball loose from him.

The ball boy feigned agony and after being lead away by staff at the Liberty Stadium in front of unforgiving Chelsea fans, on the pitch, referee Chris Foy decided to red card Hazard for violent conduct.

eden hazard

Interim Chelsea coach Rafael Benítez confirmed after the match the ball boy, who describes himself as a "LAD", had entered the visitors' dressing room to apologise to Hazard, who also said sorry for the tame kick and they shook hands.

"The ball boy has been in our dressing room talking with Hazard. They have apologised to each other," Benítez said.

Eden Hazard and the ball boy
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Morgan was asked by police if he wanted to press charges against Hazard however declined.

A South Wales Police spokesman said: "South Wales Police can confirm that the Swansea City Ball Boy has been interviewed in the presence of his father and no complaint has been made. The Ball Boy did not sustain any injuries."


Chelsea deleted their reactionary tweet to Hazard's red card

Swansea manager Michael Laudrup said he understood Hazard's frustration but added he "committed a very bad mistake".

"I saw it from a very big distance from the bench," he said.

"I've since seen it after the game. Hazard is a great player. When he sees the images I think he will regret it."

Laudrup however denied the club had given the ball boys instructions to hold onto the ball when it went out of play.

"No, no. Definitely not," he said.

"I think he was pushed and on top of the ball. I can understand all the frustrations when you are behind."

The reaction to Hazard's outburst was mixed, as some drew their ire on the mischievous Morgan while others branded the Chelsea man "outrageous".

James Dart
'You're from the Society of Ball-boy Lawyers, and you'd like to make a formal complaint?'

He was asked by Police if he wanted to press charges? Oh my goodness gracious me.

Surreal Football
Anyone criticising Eden Hazard for that can fuck off.

Daniel Taylor
The most shocking part of tonight: should lads of 17 be ballboys?

Henry Winter
Hazard grabbed the ball away from a ball-boy who was dawdling, and kicks him. Red card. Had to go. Cannot complain

Richard Williams
I don't care if the ballboy had stuck a pin in the ball and deflated it. Hazard's action immature, irresponsible, stupid, reprehensible.

michael owen
I did say what exactly? You wrote 'Owen backs kicking a ball boy'. Exactly when did I say that? Typical scum bag journalist.

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