Kittens do it better.

Consider the evidence... we've had cats that look like pin-up girls. Cats that look like One Direction (although frankly a turd in a wig could do an equally sterling job at that...). Cats that look like Batman. Like Hitler. You get the gist.

And now we bring you cats re-enacting classic album covers. To be precise, Alfra Martini brings you a tumblr account consisting of eight glorious pages of "kitteny parodies".


From Nirvana's iconic Nevermind baby to Radiohead's Pablo Honey and Bjork's Homogenic, this is one hell of a tribute to fans of music and furry things that say "meow".

Click here to see the full range in all its furry glory and scroll through the gallery below to see our favourites.

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  • Purran Purran

  • David Meowie

  • Pablo Kitten

  • Fleetwood Cat - Groomers

  • Kittenmind

  • Beastie Kittens

  • Dolly Purton

  • The RaMEOWnes

  • cAtC/DC

  • The Furry Underground

  • Smewmon and Catfunkel - Bridge Over Spoiled Milk

  • Kitten Floyd - Dark Side of the Meow

  • The Beach Kittens - Kitmas Album

  • The Squee Gees - Caturday Night Fever

  • Tom Kitty and the Heartscratchers

  • Grace Meownes - Slave to the Kitten

  • Meowvin Gaye

  • Squees (with John Tabbyolta & Olivia Mewton John)

  • Meowissey - Kitt Uncle

  • Kitty Soul

  • Mew York Dolls

  • Pet Shop Boys, Catually

  • Sinead O'Kitten

  • Village Kittens - Macho Cat

  • Mewrythmics

  • Pawloose

  • Kittengenic

  • Hiss

  • Iron Kitten

  • Cat King Cole

  • Fluffie

  • KITXS - Lick

  • Tabby Wynette

  • Michael Catson

  • This Is Kit