The new subreddit 'Pretty Girls Ugly Faces' does what it says on the tin.

It's a place for female Redditors to upload pictures of themselves looking pretty - ie. as they normally look - and, conversely, as ugly as possible.

This usually involves - as any woman knows - taking the picture from below, pulling your head back to create a double chin, and sticking your teeth out/popping your eyes in the most horrific way you can. Such as here, for example:

pretty girl ugly face

Depending on how you look at it, the results are either a brave and thought-provoking experiment in female beauty and the male gaze, or just really silly and very funny. Here's just a sample for you, below - check out more on Reddit...

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  • "My sweet boyfriend said it's impossible for me not to be cute.. Challenge accepted." - via <a href="">Slacking Already</a>

  • "I'm starting to be afraid of myself" - via <a href="">kissakarhu</a>

  • "I'm available boys" - via <a href="">C-BASS</a>

  • "My beauty is truly painful" - via <a href="">katyba</a>

  • "Where them boys at?" - via <a href="">NyanCupcake</a>

  • Via <a href="">pantydroppuh</a>

  • "I ain't got no alibi" - via <a href="">downtomarsgirl</a>

  • "You guys said my friend wasn't ugly enough last time, so she tried again!" via <a href="">mpete415</a>

  • "It's a gift" - via <a href="">lemonjerky</a>

  • "This hurts my face" - via <a href="">Vamoore9</a>

  • Via <a href="">Pleated-Jeans</a>