From Tom Fletcher's cat dropping hairs in his tea, to Bobby Norris taking umpteenth delivery of fake tan, via Gok Wan's dog letting one go, it's been another THRILLING seven days in the celebrity Twittersphere.

Here's this week's CelebriTwits.

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  • If it helps, Calvin Harris, we've never had porridge in Canada.

  • It's one of life's many mysteries, Alexa Chung.

  • Plenty of time, Alan Carr.

  • Even celebs aren't immune to being loose with their fingers when they've had a few, right Jodie Marsh?

  • Geri Halliwell ‏@GeriHalliwell

    "Forgive me for being a brat:-after 17 years & yesterday's 2 hrs of traffic-lets save time & money-the tube!" Tube become one for Geri Hailliwell (thank you, we're here all week)

  • If only Louis Walsh went to the same talent show judging school as Nicki Minaj.

  • Zzzzzzzzzz. Sorry Leona Lewis, what was that?

  • Imogen Thomas is still struggling with #babybrain.

  • Harry Styles really loves his old school crisps.

  • Chelsee Healy clearly doesn't have any friends to play Hide And Seek with.

  • Beats Lynx, right Example?

  • Don't invite us round for dinner, thanks Nick Grimshaw.

  • Totally agree with you, Sara Cox.

  • Ewwwww. Thanks for sharing, Gok Wan.

  • No, but it does need flavour, Michelle Heaton.

  • Louis Smith MBE ‏@louissmith1989

    "Putting journos through their paces at the #Danio launch. High protein, good for post-workout." We can imagine there's a fair few ladies who are jealous of that gym matt.

  • In no way is this a dig to Shona McGarty's ex boyfriend. GOT THAT?

  • Step away from the tan, Bobby Norris.

  • Keep your pussy under control please Tom Fletcher.

  • We're more brownie sort of people, sorry Pixie Lott.