We're pretty sure there will be quite a few young men out there who wouldn't mind being seduced by Heidi Klum.

Probably a few old men too.

But while that particular fantasy isn't ever going to happen (sorry boys) they can *coughs* console themselves with the next best thing: a video of Heidi Klum seducing someone else.

As Mrs. Robinson from 'The Graduate'.

Whilst pretending to eat eating a burger.

heidi klum


The supermodel is the star of a new ad for US fast food chain, Carl's Jr, which sees her recreating the Mrs. Robinson character (complete with black silk negligee) to promote their Jim Beam Bourbon Burger.

She follows in the footsteps of Kate Upton who has also flashed the flesh to promote the chain's burgers.




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  • David Beckham - Sharpie

    Armani... adidas... Samsung... Diet Coke... Sharpie pens - what? Wait a minute? How did David Beckham, one of the most bankable faces (and torsos) in advertising end up lending his cheesy grin to a brand of magic marker none of us have ever heard of?

  • Bob Dylan - Victoria's Secret

    Back in 60s and 70s, Bob Dylan was a counter culture, civil rights, anti-capitalist hero. A few decades later and he's flogging women's undies. Mind you, he always objected to being pigeon-holed as a 'protest musician' so maybe taking money from Victoria's Secret was the old grump having the final say on the matter.

  • Gavin Henson - Bingo

    Perm-tanned man-Barbie Gavin Henson enjoyed a brief dalliance with fame after marrying Charlotte Church, and duly cashed in with an advert. Problem was it wasn't for a sports drink or a brand of trainer but a naff online bingo company, no doubt sparking even greater hilarity among his rugby team than his post-match beauty regime.

  • Victoria Beckham - Range Rover

    Posh Spice is a respected fashion designer now, but what does she know about cars? Enough for Range Rover to bring her on board and trust her to come up with a design for their latest model, at least. Or maybe they were trying to reach a new female market. In any case, hearing her explain the deal is a joy.

  • Lady Gaga's - Perfume

    Nothing odd about a pop star releasing a fragrance - in fact, we're pretty sure it's written into the pop star contract. But trust Lady Gaga to make her scent all weird by making this advert and describing the scent on Australian radio as like "an expensive hooker". Sexy.

  • Danny DeVito - Limoncello

    One is a small, sweet man who brightens up any movie. The other is a small, sweet drink that brightens up even the dodgiest Italian meal. Actually, this is a match made in heaven...

  • Brad Pitt - Pringles

    Before he was Brad Pitt: Sexiest Movie Star In The World, King Of The A-Listers, he was Brad Pitt: Struggling Actor, Will Play A Surf Bum For Food. Annoyingly, of course, he still looks hot in this early advert for Pringles.

  • Mikhail Gorbachev - Pizza Hut

    Simply too bizarre not to make the list. Former Soviet statesman, and General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev was somehow convinced to help further the cause of global capitalism by advertising Pizza Hut. We say 'somehow' - we mean by flattering his ego, of course, which is how you get politicians to do most things.

  • Eva Longoria - Sheeba

    There's always been something a bit weird about the Sheeba adverts in which an apparently sexy, independent woman in some sort of silk gown stays at home to fart about with her cat rather, y'know, go with some humans - as though scooping smelly, jelly-fied meat into a bowl is a sensual act rather than something you do while trying not to gag on your way to work every morning. And when the cat lover in question is genuine sex symbol Eva Longoria, well, things get even weirder.

  • Kerry Katona - Cash Lady Pay Day Loans

    In one sense, Kerry Katona's Cash Lady Pay Day Loan company ad marked a seminal moment in marketing. For the first time ever we were presented with what in literary terms you'd call an 'unreliable narrator' - in other words, financial advice from someone who confesses to being terrible at personal finance. We have no idea if it worked.

  • Donald Trump - Steaks

    Is Donald Trump actually a steak? It would explain a lot. His face. His wig. The things he thinks and says. Yes, it all makes sense now - the reason Trump loves steaks so much is because his face and brain are <em>made</em> of steak. And who wouldn't buy steak from a steakman? A fool, that's who.

  • John Lydon - Country Life Butter

    The advert that broke a thousand old punks' hearts. Johnny Rotten, the spitting, snotting anti-Christ of the Sex Pistols, stood in his dressing gown flogging the very stuff clogging the middle-aged arteries of the men who idolised him in the 70s. Tra-gic.

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