This week sees Tom Cruise starring in 'Oblivion', an original sci-fi epic from the director of TRON: Legacy and the producer of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Together with Andrea Riseborough and Olga Kurylenko, Cruise tells the story of a future Earth that has evolved beyond recognition. His confrontation with the past will "lead him on a journey of redemption and discovery as he battles to save mankind".

And he wears metallic silver, so we know it's the future.

To celebrate the release of 'Oblivion' which hits UK cinemas on 10 April 2013 (with its own Facebook page here), we've put together a guide on how to survive an apocalypse ... at least, according to the movies.

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  • 1) Always stay near the library

    2004 saw the release of the Blockbuster hit ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. According to the movie, libraries are one of the safest and most resourceful places (Although fans of Doctor Who will most likely disagree). There’s plenty of space, there’s books to burn if it gets too cold, there’s usually a canteen or at least some source of food and they’re strong, sturdy buildings. So, if the apocalypse comes, run to your nearest library, grab a good book and wait until it’s safe to go back outside

  • 2) Trust nobody

    In the hardest of times, even those you trust the most could turn against you. In Zombieland, Little Rock and Wichita cause havoc by befriending people and then stealing their cars. During an apocalypse, no matter how friendly someone is or how well you think you know them, do not trust them, ever.

  • 3) Be friends with as many Russian billionaires as you can

    Many movies have taught us that when everything is going wrong in the world, it’s usually money that can save you. No film taught us this like 2012. After the earth fell apart (literally), the only thing that could save you was a ridiculously expensive ticket for a place on one of the ‘Arks’ that only a few Russian Billionaires could afford. By befriending a Russian billionaire (or two), at least you’ll have some hope of survival

  • 4) Aim for the head. ALWAYS aim for the head

    Every zombie film ever has taught us that the only way to kill a zombie is to go for the head. Not the heart, not the lungs, not the throat … THE HEAD. If you ever find yourself fighting off zombies, don’t ignore all of this advice … GO FOR THE HEAD.

  • 5) Be ruthless

    In a life or death situation, you have to be ruthless, even if it means leaving the people you love and care about behind. In 28 Days Later, Selena had to kill Mark after he’d bitten. If someone you love is infected or bitten, don’t cry about it. Just do what needs to be done.

  • 6) Don’t waste time trying to be a hero

    Fictional characters are constantly going back for something they left behind, trying to find a cure when their loved one is very near death and about to turn or simply trying to be a hero, often at the expense of their own safety and the people around them. Remember in 2012 when Tamara died trying to save her dog and the little boy? Don’t waste time. Don’t be the hero.

  • 7) Do not split up

    Safety in numbers. The more the merrier. Seriously, don’t split up from the rest of your gang. Not only does this mean more people working together to survive, but it also means more people to act as a human shield to protect you. In War Of The Worlds, it was easy for Ray and his family to avoid getting hit by the aliens because there were so many people to blend in with. Be ruthless and use the people you’re with for your own good

  • 8) Stay away from malls.

    During an apocalypse, do not go to the mall. Seriously … just stay away from them. Malls are bad. Malls are not safe. As we saw in Dawn of the Dead, this is the place where zombies go to feed. Groups of people will just attract hungry zombies so never go near the mall.

  • 9) Wear leather.

    Wear leather, lots of leather. Who would mess with anyone who wears leather?

  • 10) When all else fails, go to the Winchester and wait for everything to blow over

    As we learnt in Shaun Of The Dead, the safest places are probably the places you know best. For Shaun and Ed, this was the Winchester pub. So, if the end of the world is night, go to your local pub, grab a pint and wait for normality to resume.