Michael Gove has incurred the wrath of an army of angry Twilight fans after rubbishing Stephenie Meyer's hit series, saying he'd rather his children read Middlemarch.

In a speech at Brighton College on Thursday, the education secretary told his audience: "Too many children are only too happy to lose themselves in Stephenie Meyer."

"There is a Great Tradition of English Literature, a Canon of transcendent works, & Breaking Dawn is not part of it," he continued.

michael gove

Michael Gove criticised children who read Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series

Fans of the vampire trilogy rushed to defend the Twilight author, while others took the chance to criticise Gove and his waspish tongue.

Ashley Brown
whose decision is it which books are 'good' and which aren't! Diversity of material can only be a good thing.

Conor Penn
His criticism is ill-judged. Anything that encourages a child to read is stepping stone to wider reading, esp in the IPad era.

"You come home to find your 17-year-old daughter engrossed in a book. Which would delight you more... Twilight or Middlemarch?," Gove then added, according to a Financial Times reporter.

But taking on Twilight wasn't enough for the minister, who then gave the game pool a pummelling shortly after launching an attack on the most downloaded game of all time - Angry Birds.

"You see your son is totally absorbed, hunched over the family laptop," Gove said. "You steal a look over his shoulder - and what would please you more - to see him playing Angry Birds, or coding?," Politics.co.uk reported.

"Your son says he wants to spend more time with one particular group of friends. Which would be more inspiring - because he wants to improve his pool or because they're in the cadets and he wants to join?"

On hearing of Gove's speech, HuffPost reader Simon Gosden even created a meme:

michael gove twilight

Gove appeared at Brighton College, recently named the UK's independent school of the year, to deliver a speech about the government's attempts to address the educational attainment gap.

Perhaps Gove would prefer children read his special edition King James Bible, to which he has provided the foreword?

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  • Pippa Crerar

    Gove wrong. I started off on Judy Blume and eventually made it onto classics. If Twilight gets kids reading in first place then no bad thing

  • James Millar

    'Brave' speech from Michael Gove today. Coming out against Twilight, Angry Birds and playing pool. Basically everything young people like

  • Ros

    So Michael Gove criticises 'Twilight'. I read Enid Blyton & that was criticised, but it meant I read avidly & still do

  • Emma P-L

    @hpukstudents @hpukstudents Children should be encouraged to read ANYTHING that they want!! Does Gove even have kids? #homeeducation

  • Emma P-L

    @SimonGosden @huffpostuk @hpukstudents Hahaha!!! This made me laugh. We're entering a dictatorship.

  • Adam C

    @HPUKStudents Too right. Mind rotting trash.

  • Simon Gosden

    @HuffPostUK @HPUKStudents Has Mr Gove taken leave of his senses, are we going to have banned books, perhaps some book burning? #GOVE

  • Ashley Brown

    @HPUKStudents whose decision is it which books are 'good' and which aren't! Diversity of material can only be a good thing.

  • Tom

    @HPUKStudents Each and every day Gove continues in his mission to stifle creativity. Schools will soon be true career factories, sadly

  • Will S...

    Gove's logic there: Playing Angry Birds is to coding as reading Twilight is to reading Middlemarch. The man's an idiot.

  • Nick Boles

    @politicshomeuk Harry Potter lookalike attacks #Twilight readers #Gove http://t.co/2ukftNqZcY

  • Stace

    Michael Gove is criticising Twilight? Excellent. It's shit. All of it. Badly written gobshite that somehow made it to print.