Harvard Quiz: Test Your Ability To Recognise Emotions In Eyes (PICTURES)

23/05/2013 10:55 BST
Harvard University

HuffPost UK Lifestyle have been fascinated by recent online research quizzes from Harvard University, which test how our minds work.

The latest quiz from their team of students (and developed from a test developed by Cambridge University professor Simon Baron-Cohen) aims to find out more about how people from different cultures recognise the emotions of others, as well as how we use input devices, such as mice and touchpads, when working on demanding tasks.

HuffPost UK Lifestyle were very pleased to score 31 out of 37 emotions correctly, which proves what we've always suspected... that we're hugely sensitive souls.

So take 10 minutes out of your day, click through these 37 pictures, and find out how easily you can work out what people are feeling, just by looking in their eyes.

Take the quiz here.