Beyonce Gets Naked And Covered In Glitter For Flaunt Magazine Cover (PICTURES)

10/07/2013 16:02 | Updated 11 July 2013

Beyonce has posed for her fair share of saucy shoots over the years but this one definitely has to be her raunchiest yet.

The singer is naked and covered head to toe in glitter on the cover of the new issue of Flaunt magazine. How appropriate.


The shots were taken back in 2011 by photographer Tony Duran but have only been used now.

Their release follows the news that Beyonce and her sister Solange skipped their father Matthew Knowles' wedding at the end of last month.

The pair were not there to witness him tie the knot with Gena Avery in the Houston ceremony.

"Unfortunately, Beyoncé and Solange had previous engagements which made it impossible for them to attend," he told US Weekly.

Or in other words, 'we're busy'



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