Mexico has surpassed the United States as the world's fattest nation, with 32.8% of its population now classed as obese.

This worrying figure is higher than the percentage of obese US citizens, who weigh in at 32%.

The information comes from a report by the United Nations charting obesity rates across the world.

It reveals that 70% of Mexicans are overweight and childhood obesity figures have tripled in the last decade.

mexico obesity

70% of Mexicans are obese

According to Al Jazeera, 40 years ago Mexico's biggest killers were malnutrition and infectious diseases. Now, as a result of considerable dietary changes, the country is plagued by cardio-vascular disease and diabetes.

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  • 1. Transportation

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 36.4 percent

  • 2. Manufacturing

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 29.9 percent

  • 3. Installation Or Repair

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 28.3 percent

  • 4. Office Worker

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 26.6 percent

  • 5. Management

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 25.6 percent

  • 6. Service Worker

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 25.6 percent

  • 7. Nurse

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 25.2 percent

  • 8. Farming, Fishing And Forestry

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 24.7 percent

  • 9. Construction

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 24 percent

  • 10. Sales

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 23.2 percent

  • 11. Professionals

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 22.1 percent

  • 12. Teacher

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 20.9 percent

  • 13. Business Owner

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 20.4 percent

  • 14. Physician

    <strong>Obesity Rate:</strong> 14 percent