Animal Chic! Jameela Jamil Keeps Warm (And Looks Cute)

18/11/2017 08:58 GMT

You're only ever as old as you feel, and clearly Jameela Jamil is totally young at heart. Yes she ranks well in the fashion stakes but she's also a big fan of dressing up in novelty animal hoods. We want one.


Who says a grown woman can't get away with this look? It's cute, it's cosy - why, it's just plain practical. With dangly pom-poms. Plus Jamil has obviously invested in a couple of these furry hoods because this isn't the first time we've seen her don one. A gals gotta colour-code, and this one had paws. Amazing.


And heads up because this month might see another heap of snow - the Met Office told us so. Just in case, here's what to wear to beat that chilly blast: