11/07/2013 20:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Brits At The Oscars 2013: Five Reasons To Be Proud Of Blighty

Jessica Chastain in gold! Jennifer Hudson a-sparkle in blue! George Clooney looking like Santa!

Yes, yes, the red carpet at the Oscars 2013 was covered in Hollywood stars but our own actors also did a marvellous job flying the flag for British talent. Here's five who made us want to have a nip of Pimms and sing God Save The Queen...

helena bonham carter
Helena Bonham Carter
The thing that's so wonderful about Helena is you get the feeling she just put on her favourite dress, told Tim Burton it was time to go and skipped out the door. Yet, she is still always the most compelling looking person at any event and the Oscars was no different. Typically, she wore Vivienne Westwood and looked one part superstar, one part eccentric thespian and one part queen bee. Glorious.

catherine zetajones
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Hang on, you forgot Catherine's one of our's? Let us cast your mind back to the Darling Buds Of May. Remember now? Good. So, yes, Cat-Z trotted off to Hollywood, married Michael Douglas and became a massive star. And, didn't she just look like one on the red carpet? Posing on her own for a good five minutes while Him Indoors checked his watch, like any good British woman, we imagine CZJ told Douglas she'd spent ages getting ready and he'd just have to wait while she had her moment in the sun. Good girl.

eddie redmayne
Eddie Redmayne
Oh, how we love him! And it's not even about him face this time, it's because he turned up to the Oscars wearing his actual slippers. Okay, they were maybe not his usual ones - these were probably super fancy awards slippers, but still, Eddie sauntered down the red carpet in velvet loafers embossed with skulls. He says it was an attempt to be "edgy". We say, "Eddie, you like slippers, we like slippers. What could possibly go wrong?"

In sparkly black Jenny Packham, beehived hair and diamonds *whispers "she's just so wonderful" in squeaky, emotional voice*.

naomie harris
Naomie Harris
Well, hello there Moneypenny! Er, has anyone ever seen Naomie Harris look so amazing? She's a total saucepot, as the Oscars 2013 has confirmed. A girl with a slit cut that high means business. She's saying, "Okay, I'm totally an outstanding actress (so true) but have you noticed how completely sensational I look too?" Yes, Naomie, we have. Top marks.

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