Debbie Harry's Clashing Brights - Hot, Not, Or Normal Standards Need Not Apply?

22/11/2017 20:40 GMT

debbie harry

Debbie Harry joined in the tenth anniversary celebrations for fashion design show, Project Runway, wearing a bold and bright outfit in orange, blue and gold.

The singer attended the shindig in New York City on 17 July and promptly stole our attention away from Heidi Klum (who was wearing a little black dress).

As it goes, we think Debbie looks fantastic and that the world needs to be shaken out of its LBD-induced stupor with more of this sort of thing. The only thing we would change is her hairstyle - perhaps something with soft waves that frames her face a bit better?

How about you?

(Secret fourth option: "She's Debbie Harry, she can wear whatever the heck she wants")