Fashion Priest Vs Jessica Chastain's Pink Train Driver Dress

21/11/2017 17:46 GMT

jessica chastain

Jessica Chastain (who you may remember from her appearances in, like, EVERY film from 2011) was photographed attending The Train Driver Broadway opening night in a dress of the palest pink. Read on to discover Fashion Priest's verdict:

"OMHolyG! Jessica Chastain's gone out in her baptismal suit!

"Hold the phone, on closer inspection she's not in the nip, that's just a frumpy dress in the exact same shade of nude as her skin tone. For such a peach of a girl, I'm disappointed to see such a lacklustre effort - she didn't even manage to run a comb through those limp locks. For shame, Ms. Chastain, for shame. Call the Fashion Priest hotline on 1-800-#CONFASHION."

What do you think? Spot on or out of order?