Fashion Priest Vs Nicki Minaj And Her VMAs Bodysuit

24/11/2017 15:13 GMT

nicki minaj

You can always count on Nicki Minaj to offer up a bodysuit for a red carpet event. This latest was her contribution to the VMAs red carpet and prompted quite the reaction from Fashion Priest:

"I'm picturing a threesome. It involves Ronald McDonald, a Tower of London Beefeater and her Lady Gaga-ship. This is what they spawned: a sherbert-haired, glitter lycra-wearing lovechild.

"Sister Minaj's look of perma boredness is spot on too. And I'm obsessed. You see, sequins are my weakness. Most of my cassocks are trimmed with them. Apart from the Swarovski ones which I keep for Holy Days.

"However, that hat should be stoned to death."