How Much Did That Louis Vuitton PFW Train Cost?

21/11/2017 16:09 GMT

Kel Markey might have let slip just how much Louis Vuitton's Paris Fashion Week train cost in her interview with WWD - a cool $8 million.

The model, who walked in the brand's AW2012 show revealed:

"[T]he Louis Vuitton show blew me away. I heard the train cost $8 million [Vuitton declined to comment on the cost]. And it was so beautiful inside. You think they'd do bare-bones since only us models would see it, but it was really nice upholstery and luggage racks and all this beautiful wood paneling. I guess when Marc [Jacobs] does things, he does them perfectly."

But despite the reported cost, we reckon it was money well spent - the Louis Vuitton show was THE talking point of the whole season, eclipsing even Karl Lagerfeld's crystalline Fortress of Solitude for Chanel.

Kel went on to share a model's eye view of the event:

"The night before Louis Vuitton, my fitting was at 3 a.m. and the call time was 5 a.m. Before the show, we were all passed out on the floor and tables after getting our hair and makeup done. Pat [McGrath] was coming around, saying, "Don't sleep on the side of your face, you're going to mess up your makeup!

"My friend Lara [Mullen]'s look was right after mine, so after we walked off, the first thing we both said was, "Get these shoes off!" Then we started jumping up and down. After that I met my friend at Angelica's for the best hot chocolate in the entire world, because everybody had told me about it. It really was out-of-control amazing. And then I went to sleep. "