Kanye Balances Out Kim's Smart Dinner Look With Trainers And Shorts

11/12/2017 06:23 GMT

kim kardashian kanye west

We imagine Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's conversation on the way to dinner at Prime 112 ran approximately thus:

Kim: So I thought we were having a classy dinner.

Kanye: Err, we are?

Kim: So why are you wearing towelling shorts, a tshirt like a billion sizes too big and those ridiculous red trainers?

Kanye: Seriously? A) It's called fashion and B) you're wearing short sleeves, I'm wearing short sleeves, you're wearing eyecatching shoes, I'm wearing eyecatching shoes, you're wearing something dark and short to cover your modesty and GUESS WHAT, so am I. Game, set and match, darling.

Kim: I... wait, what? How am I losing this argument?

We don't know Kim, we just don't know.