Masterpiece Or Disasterpiece: Nicki Minaj Wears JUST A Bra And Leggings On TV Show

24/11/2017 20:39 GMT

Who? Nicki Minaj

What? We're not sure if anything this pop star does shocks us anymore... we're immune to the Nicki effect.

Team MyDaily is guessing Miss Minaj had a change of heart before putting her top on for this particular TV appearance, why would she want to cover up that masterpiece of a bra? The little denim number came embellished with a whole host of tasty (but most likely inedible) treats. Teaming her brassiere with military style hat, sky-high bondage wedges and a pair of leggings-cum-trousers (whatever they were they were TIGHT) she looked, as per, like something straight out of a cartoon.

Where? New York

nicki minaj

Verdict? Ice cream van meets acid trip, do'you reckon that's a fair description of this little ensemble?

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