Masterpiece Or Disasterpiece: Tulisa's Bustier 'N' Graffiti Outfit At V Festival

22/11/2017 02:16 GMT

tulisa contostavlos

Who? X Factor judge and singer Tulisa Contostavlos

What? So there's a pair of graffiti print trousers, a blue and black bustier in an unrelated polka-dot print and then a cropped baby pink jacket. Assorted jewellery, hot pink nails and a pink microphone completed the look.

Where? On stage at V Festival on Sunday.

Bonus info: So Tulisa's style divides into two sections "Things I wear on the X Factor" and "All my other clothes" - we're wondering what the X factor stylist would say if Tulisa tried to mix up the two and headed to panel wearing denim cutoffs and a bra?