MDNA Tour: Madonna Brings Out Inner Cheerleader With Knee-High Boots And Pom Poms

20/11/2017 13:44 GMT

Madonna, fresh from that nipple incident in Istanbul, was back to strutting her stuff in her cheerleader uniform as she took to the stage in Rome during her MDNA tour.

madonna mdna tour

The pop star paired the white and red uniform with black fishnets, white knee-high boots and pom poms as she got into the groove (see what we did there?) at the concert.

madonna mdna tour

Obvs, this being Madge, there was a lot of energetic gyrating and every attempt was made to make the relatively demure dress as revealing as possible.

madonna mdna tour

We're currently wondering if we're in danger of being more familiar with Madonna's rear than we are our own.