Miley Cyrus Attempts To Make Butt-Skimmers And Underboob A Thing. We Are Unimpressed.

11/07/2013 18:49 | Updated 22 May 2015

Who: Miley Cyrus

What: Wearing improbably tiny hot pants and a crop top that is more crop than top.


In our humble opinion: According to (hideously sexist) cliche, when a woman falls in love, she puts on a few pounds and generally lets herself go. We'd like to congratulate the new engaged Miley for laughing in the face of these social expectations - but we really wish this didn't involve seeing quite so much of her butt. The skimpy shorts have become a Cyrus wardrobe staple - scroll down to see what we mean.

miley cyrus

miley cyrus

And previously there were these:

miley cyrus

And these...

miley cyrus

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