Rosario Dawson Wears Red Carpet-Coloured Gown To Trance Premiere. Style Faux Pas?

25/11/2017 05:58 GMT

Sequin-clad gowns were made for the red carpet but there are strict rules to follow in order to avoid faux pas territory - namely don't go matchy-matchy with the actual carpet.

Rosario Dawson literally sparkled this week for the UK premiere of Trance and while designers Jenny Packham and Salavatore Ferregamo were the way to go - that shade of red and ALL that shimmer does verge on the decorative Christmas side of things.

The key to stunning in sequin is about simplicity, elegance and understated fabulousness - the floaty sleeves and cut-out back is a smidge OTT. Less is more ladies.


rosario dawson

Now that we've covered the dress, here's some serious bling fit for fabulous occasions. Think diamonds and sparkle: