Tess Daly Looks This Glamorous In A Gown Made From Colour Catchers

11/07/2013 20:19 | Updated 22 May 2015

Tess Daly's looking damn good in these latest pics. But hold on a second - her dress is made from colour catchers? If anyone can make a frock made of household products look good, it's gotta be the gorgeous telly presenter.

tess daly colour catcher dress

The glam gown was created by rising fashion designer Nikita Karizma using around 600 (whoa!) DYLON Colour Catcher laundry sheets.

tess daly colour catcher dress

The fishtail dress, which wouldn't look out of place at the glitziest showbiz parties or the most star-studded of red carpets, took over 100 hours to create. If that doesn't say painstaking attention to detail we don't know what does.

tess daly colour catcher dress

After clapping eyes on these pics Team MyDaily's reaching for the brillo pads and jay cloths to see what masterpieces we can create for the long Bank Holiday weekend ahead.

tess daly colour catcher dress

Check out all the behind the scenes action from the shoot here:

So that was Tess in colour catchers, what's next - Brucey in mop heads? That would be AWESOME!

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