Tulisa Takes Her New Hair To Ibiza On A Private Jet

23/11/2017 14:57 GMT

After dramatically debuting newly blonde hair outside the Royal Courts of Justice this morning, Tulisa Contostavlos popped on a summery bralet and skirt to board a jet headed to Ibiza with some close friends.

tulisa contostavlos

tulisa contostavlos

Now, MyDaily know a few things about Ibiza. Mostly from the Vengaboys' seminal masterwork We're Going To Ibiza, it must be said, but we assume that was an island documentary delivered in song form.

As such we assume Tulisa and co are flying Venga Airways (which appears to have a generous luggage allowance as one can bring multiple bags) and, post-touchdown, will be enjoying a sizeable party in the Mediterranean Sea (Ee-ohhh, ee-ohhh, oh-eh-oh, oh-eh-oh...)