WATCH: Amanda Seyfried Performs Rap Dressed As A Frog On The Ellen Show

24/11/2017 06:13 GMT

Who? Amanda Seyfried

What? Yes, it's what we've all been waiting for... The awkward moment when a Les Miserables actress starts rapping while dressed as a giant frog.

Where? On set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

amanda seyfried frog

Yup, this actually happened, and we're a little lost for words. It wasn't long ago that Taylor Swift showed off her questionable rapping skills alongside 90s throwback LL Cool J, and we weren't quite ready to listen to another star spitting on the mic when this clip surfaced.

Verdict? We reckon Amanda should steer clear of the ma-hussive foam frog heads in the future and stick to the designer dresses, agree?

Let's remind ourselves of her in a more glamourous moment AKA the New York premiere of Les Mis.