Vision In White: Vanessa Hudgens Takes On Summer's Biggest Trend For Radio Appearance

20/11/2017 04:42 GMT

Vanessa Hudgens once described her style as "bohemian, carefree but kinda thought-out" and she stuck to her words for a sun-soaked day out in London.

vanessa hudgens

Heading for a radio interview at KISS FM, the pint-sized 24-year-old actress embraced the shade of the summer - dazzling white. With her hair piled high in a top knot and with just a hint of make-up, Vanessa looked all kinds of cool in crisp cropped trousers and a midriff-baring retro-inspired gypsy blouse.

It's just the sort of thing we'd wear to the office in soaring temperatures. Who are we kidding - we're going to have to resort to our bikini any minute now.

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