Ever thought of a career in crab fishing? Becoming a sewer monkey? How about a fruit machine engineer? Didn't think so.. But perhaps you should as you could net yourself a handy £70k a year.

Making it big in the embalming industry probably isn't top of your to-do list but, as we all know, jobs are in short supply, so maybe it is time for a career re-think.

So they're not the most glamourous of jobs, but we're pretty sure you could afford a pampering every now and again with these salaries..


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  • Crab Fishing

    It's a pretty deadly job, but someone does it. The poor souls who brave months away from home, below-freezing temperatures and stormy seas <a href="http://www.businesspundit.com/25-well-paying-jobs-that-most-people-overlook-and-why/" target="_blank">can rake in $50,000 (around £33k) worth of crab </a>in eight weeks.

  • Working on an oil rig

    <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/06/18/high-paying-jobs-university-degrees_n_3458554.html?utm_hp_ref=student-jobs" target="_blank">Offshore oil platforms pay their employees more than £70,000</a>.. and the good news is you don't need a degree to worth there either

  • Sewer monkeys

    Sewer workers, or sewer monkeys as they're also known, can earn up to £45k. But it's not a glamourous job - <a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1294333/Is-worst-job-Britain-Workers-sent-blocked-sewer-remove-1-000-TONNES-putrid-fat.html#ixzz1DH6rzjKr" target="_blank">in 2010, workers were drafted in to remove 1,000 tonnes of clogged up fat</a> from sewers under Leicester Square.

  • Fruit Machine Engineer

    You can earn up to £40k for this, but there's always the threat of "having a pool cue wrapped round your head by a local thug", <a href="http://www.adzuna.co.uk/blog/2011/02/14/the-worst-jobs-in-the-world-with-the-best-pay/" target="_blank">as one engineer put it..</a>

  • Crime Scene Cleaner

    It's not fun, and it's not pretty, but you can earn £45k doing it.

  • Embalmers

    If dead people don't bother you, then you can rake in £42k a year

  • Shot girl (or boy)

    If you don't mind loud music, drunken crowds, leery strangers etc, then you could be earning between £30-£50 per hour

  • Binman

    It's a smelly job but someone's gotta do it, and you can <a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1346480/Birmingham-binmen-strike-paid-45K-year.html" target="_blank">earn up to a whopping £45k</a>

  • Tube driver

    Hail to the tube driver, who does spend all his time underground, but on the other hand can get <a href="http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/road-and-rail-transport/9036767/Best-paid-Tube-driver-is-on-61218-a-year.html" target="_blank">more than £61k in salary and perks</a>