David Walliams' Children's Stories Rake In £13million Since Release Of First Book, 'Mr Stink'

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David Walliams is officially one of the UK's best selling authors after raking in over £13million from his five children's books.

The 42-year-old comic has shifted 2.5million copies since releasing his first book, 'Mr Stink' in 2009, which means he ranks alongside JK Rowling as one of Britain's leading children's authors.

david walliams mr stink

David Walliams

Since penning 'Mr Stink' - which was turned into a BBC film last Christmas - the 'Little Britain' star followed it up with 'Billionaire Boy', 'Ratburger', 'Gangsta Granny' and 'The Boy In The Dress'.

He is set to release his sixth story, 'Demon Dentist' later this month.

One publisher told The Sun: “He is a phenomenon.

“People who think of him as a comedian are wrong. He’s far and away the most successful children’s book writer for years. He’s the Roald Dahl of his generation.”


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