Devis Licciardi Used Fake Penis In Bid To Beat Doping Test

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Devis Licciardi, a long distance runner, will face a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday for allegedly using a fake penis to beat a doping test.

Licciardi filled the artificial organ with uncontaminated urine in a post-race doping test following the 10km road-running championship at Molfetta, in southern Italy.

Licciardi, 27, represents the Italian Air Force team and will be questioned by anti-doping authorities at Rome’s Olympic Stadium tomorrow, say Gazzetta dello Sport.

An Italian Olympic Committee spokesperson said: "An investigation has been launched and Devis Licciardi will appear before an anti-doping disciplinary panel on Wednesday.”

Comically called the Whizzinator, the fake device can be purchased on the internet and is billed as the "best-looking, most life-like and realistic fake penis out on the market".

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