'DigitalDudz' High-Tech Halloween Costumes Are Disgustingly Brilliant (VIDEO)

07/10/2013 10:07 | Updated 06 December 2013

Judging by the dubious quality of the costumes on sale from major retailers this year, you might be better off thinking outside the box. DigitalDudz high-tech costumes might be the answer.

They're made by Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer who left the agency after his homemade costume -- which used two iPads to simulate the guts (and air) inside a zombie -- went viral online in 2011. Rober eventually sold his company making the costumes to the British firm Digital Dudz and the result is a range of new costumes which use smartphones to achieve similar effects.

Last year the costumes made more than $250,000, even though you had to duct-tape your smartphone to the inside of your T-shirt. This year's designs have built-in pockets for your devices, and have some cool new effects available through the included app. Take a look at the new range for 2013, below.

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