10 Ways America Has Ruined Halloween For British People

14/10/2013 14:54 | Updated 30 October 2014

Halloween in Britain used to mean apple-bobbing and poorly homemade costumes. Not any more.

  • 1 Trick or treating
    Adults! Want to be endlessly annoyed in your own home and forced to buy 'candy' (whatever that is!)? Kids! Want to behave like a horrible brat and have your teeth ruined?!
  • 2 We now feel inferior about our pumpkin-carving skills
    Left: A typical British pumpkin. Right: A typical American one.
  • 3 Endless bloody teenage horror movies
    Including remakes. Yes, yes, we know what you did last summer: you watched a Halloween movie.
  • 4 All our scary masks are now American
    Largely as a result of 3. above.
  • 5 Non-Halloween-related costumes are now acceptable
    British Halloween party costumes used to be limited to vampires, witches, devils, cats, that sort of thing. But now? Now, you can come dressed as any old Tom, Dick or Harry... Spongebob or Borat.
  • 6 Sexy Halloween costumes are now acceptable
    As if getting dressed up as a witch/mummy wasn't pressure enough. Now you have to look like a SEXY witch/mummy.
  • 7 Non-related sexy Halloween costumes are now acceptable
    Because nothing says 'Halloween' like Mickey Mouse or a carrot.
  • 8 Halloween costumes for pets
    Does this dog look happy to you? No. (Possibly because it's not a sexy pumpkin outfit.)
  • 9 We now feel obliged to spend money...
    ...on tat we will never, ever use again. Not even next Halloween.
  • 10 ...and enjoy organised fun
    The British idea of hell. But hey - at least hell is Halloween-themed, right?

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