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Play Rubik's Cube One The Outside Of A Building (VIDEO)

The Rubik's Cube is not just a retro toy at this point - it's an endlessly overplayed, overthought obsession.

But sometimes we can still be surprised by the twisty coloured blocks. Like when someone hooks up a wireless cube to a computer, and projects the game as you play it on the outside of a massive building.

Javier Lloret's Puzzle Facade did exactly that, by connecting an Arduino-powered cube to the Ars Electronica Centre in Linz, Austria, and using massive lights to turn the entire building into the toy.

The important thing is just to not let this robot near it - otherwise the whole thing will be over pretty quickly.

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  • LEGO

    The classic is tops for boys this year. As we wandered the store doing up my boys' wish list for Santa, we stopped multiple times for LEGO sets, including the big giant minifig head.

  • Cars and Trucks

    Race car. Dump Truck. Fire truck. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it can be pushed on the floor while making a vrrrrooom sound.

  • Hot Wheels

    These are mine. We keep them at Nana's house with the old Fisher Price sets. Whenever we go grocery shopping, the boys always seem to stop and linger at the aisle end-cap with the collection of toys. The ones they always pick up? The Hot Wheels.

  • Doll

    "Doll. Just a doll please, Santa," is what many girls will be asking for. As a friend or a chance to model their mom's behavior, dolls are centuries old and still popular.

  • Skylanders

    The giants of Skylander may not be vintage, but they're not new, either. As the toy line branches out into other genres (like these bricks), the boys still want to play with them.

  • Remote-Controlled Vehicles

    Remote-controlled vehicles have been around since the '60s. I can't make them work for the life of me, but in the hands of a child, the chance to drive a motorcycle, car, helicopter or boat is magical.

  • Action Figures

    When you have an action figure in your hand, it's a chance to be a superhero, a star or a movie character. In this case, my son is Han Solo, recently crashed on Hoth and looking for Luke.

  • New Bike

    This was supposed to be my son's Christmas present when I snagged it at an end-of-summer sale in August. But, alas, I couldn't keep a secret and he has been riding it. Still, the best Christmas memory I have is running into the living room one morning and seeing a bright orange bike -- with my brother's name on the tag.

  • Barbie

    There will always be Barbie on this list, near the top of the list or ruling it all. For 54 years, she has defined doll play and shows no signs of slowing down.

  • Video Games

    The new consoles are on kids' wish lists too, don't worry. BUT, if you've got an older gaming system, know the kids are happy with new games to be added to the roster.