Unless you're an Etonian, eventually you're probably going to have to send or respond to a sext.

But how do you do it?

Here's Buzzfeed to explain just how to go about sexting like a pro, even if you're actually dying inside.

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  • Keep your face hidden

    Tracey says: "Photograph each body part separately so you are pretty much unidentifiable."

  • No baby talk

    Jewels on <a href="http://theindiechicks.com/love-and-sex/dating/sexting-101-dos-and-donts/" target="_blank">IndieChick.com</a> says: “I want you to boink the heck out of me with your wee wee” is not a sexy phrase. If you’re going to sext then be comfortable enough with sexting vernacular to do it right. If you aren’t comfortable with words like moist, cock, and fuck it’s probably best to leave sexting to those who are."

  • Relationships are important

    "Only do it with someone you’re close to or in a serious relationship with," says Tracey Cox

  • Delete the photos off your phone

  • Don't sext the wrong person!

    Avoid alcohol, says Susan.

  • Don't use emoticons

    "Anything other than a wink is just creepy. If they came up with a blowjob emoticon, fine you have my blessing. But, since I know they haven’t, you have no excuse," says Evelyn Pelczar on <a href="http://elitedaily.com/dating/sex/dos-donts-sexting/" target="_blank">EliteDaily.com</a>.

  • Don’t sext while drunk

    A universal piece of advice, this.

  • Answer texts promptly

    "Sexting is difficult enough because there are 3 to 5 minutes between responses but when it turns to 15 or 20 minutes it becomes pretty awkward," says <a href="http://www.balleralert.com/profiles/blogs/when-sexting-goes-wrong-the#ixzz2bNE1KtkW" target="_blank">Baller Alert</a>.