Zoe Ball And Fatboy Slim Are Having Another Baby!

12/12/2017 06:24 GMT

Zoe Ball is expecting her second child with husband Norman Cook, she announced on her breakfast show at the weekend.

The 38-year-old BBC Radio 2 host and Cook - otherwise known as Fatboy Slim - already have a son, Woody, who is eight.

They have been trying for a second baby for a long time as Zoe has polycystic ovaries which can make it difficult to conceive. The couple had talked about adopting if she didn't get pregnant.

This may be a nice reassuring story for those women out there who have been trying to conceive for ages - it shows that it can happen and you shouldn't give up hope.

Zoe told listeners to her show: "I've got some lovely news for you all. I'm having a baby. Woo!"

She said: "We've had our three-month scan, the tests – all very good. And my little boy is so happy. He's waited an awful long time for a baby brother or sister."

There had already been rumours about Zoe's pregnancy and she said she had been looking "green of gills" and was "eating ­everything in sight".

Her son Woody rang his grandfather, the former children's TV presenter Johnny Ball, to tell him the good news. Johnny, 71, said: "We are delighted. It really is lovely news."

Zoe and Norman got married in 1999 and they live in Hove, East Sussex.

The couple have had their share of problems - they had to work hard to repair their marriage after Zoe had an affair with a music producer six years ago and Norman has recently been treated for alcohol addiction.

Let's hope they can put all this behind them and enjoy their happy news.

Source: AOL News