Boyfriends, husbands, male lovers. They're a pain in the derriere at the best of times, especially when it comes to gift buying.

Valentine's Day however, allows us to unleash our inner devil creativity.

Whether a sensual massage, a practical gym kit, something gadgety or something a little more risqué - let the selection be your guide to your sweetheart's soft (or not so soft) side:

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  • Stay In Bed All Day

    We mean it. If you can, stay in your pjs, grab some breakfast and watch your favourite movies or start a TV bed, all day. Both of you will not only feel relaxed, but when was the last time the man in your life took a break?

  • Get A Message For Him.. At Home

    Call in a masseuse and have them come set up a massage parlor in your living room. Treat your dude to a night in, scented candles and if you want, you can pick up a few massage tricks of your own.

  • Turn Up The Heat

    If you have a fireplace in your home, light it up, grab some wine and make some s'mores. Treat your man to a night of cuddling and staying in. The best part? You'll both enjoy some peace and quiet.

  • Make A Meal

    Even if both of you are awful at following recipes and would prefer to order in, try. We promise, it will be fun. Find out his favourite meal and cook it together. And if it doesn't work least you can always order pizza and laugh about it later.

  • Have Sex

    It's a win-win situation for both of you. We already know there are plenty of health benefits to getting busy, including <a href="" target="_blank">lowering blood pressure, boosting your immune system and burning calories</a>, but there's just something special about having sex on the day of love. This time around, get a new sex toy, buy some lingerie, watch porn together or just surprise him with a new location. A survey by <a href="" target="_blank"> found 70 per cent of men just want sex on Valentine's Day</a>...and probably every other day of the week.

  • Send Him On A Hunt

    This may take some time to plan, but send your boyfriend or husband on a scavenger hunt either in your home or around the city. Write out clues to the next location, give him riddles or leave questions only he would know the answer to. The end result? Book a spot at his favourite restaurant or cook him a meal at home.

  • Recreate Your First Date

    Do you remember your first date? Was it awkward or was it smooth?If you're all about getting nostalgic, try recreating your first date (and if you're up for it, recreate the same outfit for extra points). You'll both realize how far into the relationship you've come and get all mushy about old memories.

  • Plan A Trip To Get Away

    A survey by <a href="" target="_blank"> found 50 per cent of men just wanted to get away on V-Day</a>, but if you're on a tight budget or can't take the time off, search a daily deal site for hotel deals or bed and breakfast deals, and plan a weekend getaway in your city.

  • Build An Adult Fort

    Hear us out. Remember when you were a kid and used to get so excited about building and hiding in your own sanctuary? Your kids may think their parents have lost it, but when everyone is sleeping, build a fort in your bedroom or living room. This is the perfect time to watch a movie, have sex or have that much-needed pillow talk session.

  • Have A Game Night

    If playing chess gets you in the mood, do it. Hit up a local adult store and plan out a game night for the two of you. It could be <a href="" target="_blank">sexy truth or dare, board games or download sex apps on your tablet or phone to spice things up.</a>

  • Have A Drunken Paint Night

    Inspired by <a href="" target="_blank">PaintNite</a>, a local bar night of drinking beer and painting portraits, recreate your own version at home with your guy's favourite brew. If both of you are new to painting, try drawing each other just for kicks.

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  • A Naughty Game

    <strong>What it is</strong>: I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions <strong>Why you'll want it: </strong> This game includes 30 cards, sealed seductively in envelopes, that dare partners to explore one another in new ways. <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a>.</strong>

  • Honey Dust

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Kama Sutra Gift Size Honey Dust <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: You can use the feather to sensually apply a bit of honey dust to your partner’s body to add a bit of sweetness to each kiss. <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a></strong>.

  • For The Bondage Beginner

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Bijoux Silky Sensual Cuffs <strong>Why you'll want it:</strong> These silky cuffs offer a softer approach to bedroom games. <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Find it here</strong></a>.

  • Ooh La La

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Bow Garter Belt <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: This Parisian-inspired boudoir accessory is equal parts risqué and elegant. <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Find it here</strong></a>.

  • Couples Kit

    <strong>What it is:</strong> LELO Indugle Me Pleasure Set <strong>Why you'll want it:</strong> This kit includes everything you'll need for an unforgettable Valentine's Day night; a silk blindfold, a feather teaser and a couples' massager. <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Find it here</strong></a>.

  • Lacy And Racy

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Lace Babydoll <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: If there’s anything sexier than seeing wearing nothing at all, it’s wearing this provocative babydoll that screams seduction. <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a></strong>.

  • An Erotic Edition

    <strong>What it is:</strong> '365 Sex Positions: A New Way Every Day for a Steamy, Erotic Year' <strong>Why you'll want it:</strong> With 365 positions, a couple seeking a more adventurous sex life is sure to find some wild, new ideas that will last until next Valentine's Day. <a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a>.

  • Good, Clean Fun

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Sex In The Shower Single Locking Suction Foot Rest <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: Shower sex can be a turn-on, but slipping and falling isn’t. Practice a different kind of safe sex with a foot rest that provides sure footing. <a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a>.

  • For Playful Lovers

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Sugar N Spice Dice Game <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: With three dice, one suggesting a racy activity, one suggesting a body part, and one suggesting a location, every roll will get your heart racing. <a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a>.

  • Seductive Thigh-Highs

    What it is: Fishnet Stay Ups Why you'll want it: A girl who likes to show off her incredible legs can wear these thigh-high stockings on a Valentine’s night out, and keep them on when everything else comes off. <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a></strong>.

  • Tub Turn-Ons

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Passion Bath Salts & Sexual Game <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: Bath time will get even steamier with sensual, scented bath salts and romantic suggestion cards. <a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a>.

  • Oral Mints

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Oral Pleasure Warming Mints <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: These warming ‘cherry bomb’ mints pack extra heat for his or her pleasure. <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Find it here</strong></a>.

  • A Tingling Sensation

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Kama Sutra Spearmint Pleasure Balm <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: This stimulating gel will with menthol and peppermint oil will leave your partner tingling wherever you touch them. <a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a>.

  • Massage Candle

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Mini Heart Pheromone Candle <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: Dim the lights and fire this up on Valentine’s Day. This scented candle’s wax, which contains pheromones, can be used as massage oil when warmed. <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Find it here</strong></a>.

  • Good For One Romp

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Romantic or erotic coupons <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: Customizable coupons, with messages like “Have your way with me” and “Choose your fantasy,” are a cute (and inexpensive) way to ignite some Valentine's Day sparks. <a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a>.

  • Get Creative

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Body paints <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: Sure, it'll get a bit messy, but finger painting never sounded like so much fun. As a bonus, the four paints in this kit are flavoured. <a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a>.

  • Put On A Show

    <strong>What it is</strong>: A professional pole dancing kit <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: This might not be for everyone, but dancing sexily for your partner can certainly get you both in the mood and provide you with an evening activity. This kit advertises itself as being very easy to put together and take back apart. <a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a>.

  • Movie Night

    <strong>What it is</strong>: A trio of erotic DVDs <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: With so many porn videos out there, it's hard to find quality films that both of you will enjoy. These bestsellers are guaranteed to, well, make you stop watching them pretty quickly. <a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a>.

  • Burn All Night

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Natural massage oil candle <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: A deliciously scented candle that melts away into massage oil, this is a sexy, thoughtful gift that is particularly fabulous for those who love candles. <a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a>.

  • Get Buzzy

    <strong>What it is</strong>: Hello Touch wearable vibrator <strong>Why you'll want it</strong>: Touted as "the best sex toy ever invented" this is a vibrator unlike any other, as it allows for fingertip manipulation and pleasure — with tons of power, if you want it. <a href="" target="_blank">Find it here</a>.

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  • Blanket

    <b>What it is</b>: LoveBumper H20-OHH Blanket <b>Why you'll want it</b>: A blanket doesn't sound like the sexiest of gifts, but this one — meant specifically to make sex in, let's say, more original spots like the kitchen more comfortable — has the best of both worlds. It looks innocent, but can lead to lots of naughty fun. <b><a href="">Find it here</a>.</b>

  • Racy Valentine

    <b>What it is</b>: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell push-up bra, matching 'cheekini' panty and waist cincher <b>Why you'll want it</b>: There's no question this is one sexy get-up — without going all the way into costume territory. For women who love lingerie, this will be a fun outfit for a special occasion. <b><a href="">Find it here</a>.</b>

  • Musical Accompaniment

    <b>What it is</b>: VibroPod Digital Music Stimulator Vibe <b>Why you'll want it</b>: This toy is meant more for one person than two, so can work perfectly for long distance relationships. It hooks up to an iPod to vibrate in rhythm with songs, so we're imagining a complete package of playlist and Vibe, delivered just in time for February 14. <b><a href="">Find it here</a>.</b>

  • G-Spot Seeker

    <b>What it is</b>: Silicone Handmaiden G-Spot Seeker <b>Why you'll want it</b>: If you haven't figured out the magical g-spot yet, maybe this Valentine's Day is the time. This four-inch g-spot finder includes massaging tips and a silicone base. <b><a href="">Find it here</a>.</b>

  • Floral Dream

    <b>What it is</b>: Aubade's bra and panties <b>Why you'll want it</b>: Sexy with a leopard print twist, Aubade's take on Valentine's Day fun can slip comfortably under a sweater and jeans — until later. <b><a href="">Available at Linea Intima</a>.</b>

  • Candles

    <b>What it is</b>: Low Temperature Drip Candles <b>Why you'll want it</b>: If you've ever tried to use "normal" candles for some dripping wax good times, you know things can get a tad hotter than you'd like. These options, in a three-pack, mean no emergency trips to the hospital (and a slightly uncomfortable explanation). <b><a href="">Find it here</a>.</b>

  • Beads

    <b>What it is</b>: Lia Anal Love Beads in Pink <b>Why you'll want it</b>: Just like being struck by Cupid's arrow, enjoy this sex toy, featuring a silky finish, with your loved one this Valentine's Day. <b><a href="">Find it here.</a></b>

  • Pasted On

    <b>What it is</b>: Edible Body Pasties in Cinnamon Heart <b>Why you'll want it</b>: These pasties can make for a fun surprise when your partner least expects it (and they also come in strawberry, cherry, even beer). <b><a href="">Find it here</a>.</b>

  • Striped Lingerie

    <b>What it is</b>: Freya's Taylor Charcoal Moulded Plunge Bra <b>Why you'll want it</b>: For fuller busted women who like a bit of coverage, this option still has plenty of sex appeal. <b><a href="">Find it here</a>.</b>

  • The Whip

    <b>What it is</b>: Twinkle Lover's Riding Crop <b>Why you'll want it</b>: Perfect for the holidays, this heart-shaped wand is designed for the naughty lover in your life. <b><a href="">Find it here.</a></b>

  • Deck Of Cards

    <b>What it is</b>: The Fantasy Sex Deck <b>Why you'll want it</b>: If you and your partner are interested in finding more fun in the bedroom but aren't quite sure where to start, this deck gives you 50 options — and a built-in activity for Valentine's Day. <b><a href="">Find it here</a>.</b>

  • Fondue Set

    <b>What it is</b>: Swiss Moo 7-Piece Chocolate Fondue Set <b>Why you'll want it</b>: Who doesn't like the idea of dessert in bed? This seven piece fondue set is the perfect way to spoil your lover with everything sweet. <b><a href="">Find it here.</a></b>

  • Bath Fun

    <b>What it is</b>: Bathtub Love Game <b>Why you'll want it</b>: Maybe a bubble bath together is one of your Valentine's Day traditions ... or maybe you just want it to become one. But these baubles that go in the tub will give you plenty of ideas for what to do after — or for that matter, during. <b><a href="">Find it here</a>.</b>

  • All Day Long

    <b>What it is</b>: Saxx Underwear's 24-Seven Boxer <b>Why you'll want it</b>: Men's underwear is all-too-often neglected, but why shouldn't he get something he feels great slipping into on Valentine's Day as well? This particular option from Saxx is known for its long-lasting comfort. <b><a href="">Find it here</a>.</b>

  • Lace Love

    <b>What it is</b>: WonderBra's chantilly lace bra and panties <b>Why you'll want it</b>: Because there's plenty of sex appeal here — with a price (approximately $40) that leaves plenty of room for other expenditures. <b>Available at the Bay and department stores.</b>

  • Bath Bomb

    <b>What it is</b>: Sex Bomb <b>Why you'll want it</b>: It's all in the name. If you're just looking for a way to relax on the big day, take a hot bath with your loved one with these exploding (and scented) bath bombs. <b><a href=",en_CA,pd.html?start=15&cgid=bath-bombs">Find it here</a>.</b>

  • Rose Petals

    <b>What it is</b>: Rose Petals <b>Why you'll want it</b>: If you're idea of V-Day is all about the romance, start your evening right with a trail of rose petals for your partner. And hey, they may not be the real thing, but think about how many times you can reuse these. <b><a href="">Find it here.</a></b>

  • Sweet And Spicy Lingerie

    <b>What it is</b>: Freya's Ashlee Candy Moulded Plunge Bra, Suspenders And Panties <b>Why you'll want it</b>: This lingerie may look innocent, but the combination of suspenders, knee highs and a bra that's sexy no matter the colour will drive any partner crazy. <b><a href="">Find it here</a>.</b>


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