Kanye West Against The Wall: Teenage Prankster Replaces All Her Family Photos

07/02/2014 18:56 | Updated 20 May 2015
Teen @samiwert pranks parents by replacing family photos with pictures of Kanye West

When teenager Sami's parents went out for the afternoon, she got to work replacing all the family photos hung up around the house with pictures of Kanye West looking, um, pensive.

She then took to Twitter to share the hilarious results with her followers. She posted: "i replaced the pictures in my house with pics of kanye west looking upset lets see how long it takes my mom to notice."

The teen had probably expected her efforts to be short-lived, but when her parents returned home they failed to spot her handiwork - for four whole days!

Sami went on to keep her laughing Twitter fans posted with #kanyeupdates:

Day Two: Proving how little attention we pay to our surroundings.

Day Three: Still none the wiser.

And finally the pay off...