The Cocksman Club: A Condom Advert That's Actually Quite Good

06/03/2014 11:21 | Updated 20 May 2015

The Cocksman Club condom delivery service has made an advert that's equally ridiculous as its name.

the cocksman club

We're all for guys taking responsibility when it comes to safe sex and having condoms delivered right to their door on a subscription basis, but the commercial is so cheesy and super sleazy that it is actually brilliant.

The Cocksman Club allows blokes to predict how much sex they're going to have and sign up accordingly. There's four slightly offensive tiers...

1. The Player

Three condoms for $5 a month

2. The All Star

Six condoms for $8 a month

3. The Champion

10 condoms for $10 a month

4. The Legend

24 condoms for $20 a month

... Although we're not sure you can count yourself as a "player" if you're having sex three times in a month. #JustSayin.

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