Hank Azaria Learns Parents Don't Have To Be Perfect (Video)

18/03/2014 13:48 | Updated 20 May 2015

Hank Azaria Fatherhood documentary series episode three The Good Enough Parent

How can you be a perfect parent? That's the question Hank Azaria asks celebrity dads in the third part of his Fatherhood documentary series.

"It's the one job we have where there's no pre-training really. We just have to be there and do it... and it's a hard job," counsels Hank's mate Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston.

Episode 3: The Good Enough Parent sees Hank struggling to assemble a pushchair on his first outing alone with his six-month-old son Hal. If simple tasks such as a trip to the park become a minefield full of potential missteps, Hank wonders how can parents avoid making mistakes?

Hank's friends share with him moments when they thought they had irrecoverably messed up as a father. Actor Willie Garson, who is best known for his roles in Sex and the City and Groundhog Day, talks about how he felt the moment he got onto a subway train only to see the doors close behind him, leaving his son still standing on the platform.

Watch the video above to discover more 'mistakes' made by famous fathers and learn with Hank why a 'perfect' environment is not the best way to prepare children for life.

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