15 Things Only King's College London Students Will Understand

01/04/2014 14:36 | Updated 01 April 2014

From the return of the sharing platter at Waterfront to the queues at Walkabout on a Wednesday, 15 of the things that only King's students will understand.

KCL is noted for its beautiful campuses (minus Macadam, because who likes that monstrosity), it has featured in films like Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code, yet wouldn't it be that little bit better if we included Somerset House in all its glory in that? Or the abandoned Aldwych Tube station - featured in Skyfall - but have you ever been down there? We all know the few lucky Stamford Street students who roll out of bed fully clothed ready for 9am lectures at Waterloo - in case you didn't know, we hate you.

  • 1 Finding a space in the Round Reading Room during exams is impossible
    As hard as double Potions?
  • 2 There is no point taking the lift, ever
    Stairs are the sensible option
  • 3 Strand campus is one maze after another...
    Where even is Classrom 2A?
  • 4 The walk over Waterloo Bridge is your nemesis
    "Do not get blown over, do not get blown over"
  • 5 You always pretend Somerset House is actually part of your campus
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    Doesn't it look so much better?
  • 6 The ecstasy that Waterfront sharing platters are back
    Food for four? More like 2...
  • 7 The pain of queuing for Walkabout Wednesdays in the pouring rain
    If only it were this civilised...
  • 8 The mystery of the abandoned Aldwych Tube station
    "Daniel Craig woz 'ere"
  • 9 Does the Philosophy Bar even exist?
    Surrounded in mystery, those elusive Philosophy students.
  • 10 The staff at the Maughan Library café are the nicest people alive
    A smile with your soup in essay crisis is all you need
  • 11 Your average spend in Starbucks/Caffé Nero/McDonald's doubles in exam period
    Maybe a triple shot Caramel Frappuccino with extra whipped cream will help me?
  • 12 At Monday 9ams you hate all Stamford Street students
    Rolling out of bed five minutes before lectures is just not fair.
  • 13 It took you at least a year to find the 24hr microwaves at Waterloo Campus
  • 14 You never have enough change for the library vending machines at 3am
    Blood sugar levels are falling...
  • 15 Every humanities student does Study Abroad
    And they all seem to return with Mid-Atlantic drawls.
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