Nigella Lawson's US Flight ‘Ban': Was Charles Saatchi To Blame?

07/04/2014 11:57

Nigella Lawson’s pals are reportedly suspicious that her US flight ban could have something to do with former husband Charles Saatchi, according to reports.

nigella lawson

Nigella Lawson

charles saatchi

Charles Saatchi

Nigella could reportedly face drug testing before she is granted permission to enter the States.

The TV chef was reportedly left red-faced when she arrived at Heathrow airport to travel on a British Airways flight recently when, according to the Daily Mail, she was informed by security that she could not board the plane.

Nigella’s admission was made during Francesca and Elisabeth Grillo’s fraud trial and Scotland Yard chose not to act over ‘The Taste’ judge’s confession.

Though Saatchi dismissed the incident as a "playful tiff", he accepted a police caution for assault weeks later.

Nigella Lawson

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