Brazil 1-7 Germany: World Cup 2014 Semi-Final As It Happened

08/07/2014 10:14 | Updated 08 July 2014

Brazil and Germany meet again in the World Cup for the first time since the Seleção's 2002 final victory. The hosts are underdogs this time and still smarting from Neymar's injury and Thiago Silva's suspension, but home advantage has been critical for this mediocre of Brazil sides at this World Cup and Germany have lost their last two semi-finals.

08/07/2014 22:51 BST

Some Brazilians are praying

Their prayers weren't answered. They were embarrassing and gutless. Paulinho looks to be arguing with Cesar and Gustavo, but they are being booed loudly by the Belo Horizonte crowd.

08/07/2014 22:48 BST

FULL-TIME: Brazil 1-7 (SEVEN) Germany

That is the biggest World Cup semi-final win.

08/07/2014 22:48 BST

92 min

Luiz drills a harmlesss shot at Neuer and Germany break, but Ozil's pass for Draxler hasn't got enough pace on it and a free-kick is given.

08/07/2014 22:47 BST


Brazil have scored, courtesy of Oscar. Neuer starts to come for a long ball, Oscar cuts inside, Boateng looks unarsed, and he smashes the ball in for an undeserved, pointless goal.

08/07/2014 22:46 BST

90 min

Ozil misses a sitter. He's played through one-on-one, the pass is fine, he has Schurrle to his right, but he pulls the ball wide of the post.

08/07/2014 22:45 BST

89 min

Germany nearly play Schurrle in again but the pass just has a bit too much pace on it. Up the other end, Oscar is one-on-one from an acute angle yet, appropriately, lashes the ball out for a throw.

08/07/2014 22:44 BST

88 min

Marcelo is lucky there. His appalling defending should be punished but Dante bails him out. The camera switches to Scolari, who looks like he wants to larup the left-back.

08/07/2014 22:41 BST

85 min

Decent hit from Ramires, 20-odd yards out, but Neuer gets behind it and doesn't flinch. Anyone that says he isn't the best goalkeeper in the world is wrong.

08/07/2014 22:39 BST

83 min

Germany are taking the piss and Brazilian fans, according to the BBC's Steve Wilson, are serenading the passing with "Olés". Surreal.

08/07/2014 22:37 BST


Awful effort from Marcelo on the half-volley, as he kicks the ground more than the ball from just outside the area. Neuer wants to get on with the game and get an eighth.

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