'Big Brother': After Kimberly And Steven's Sex-capades... Who Are The Best 'BB' Couples Ever? (PICS)

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Cram a dozen or so attractive twenty-somethings in a house full of cameras, and the chances are that sparks are going to fly between at least a couple of them. And that's exactly what we’ve seen on almost every series of ‘Big Brother’.

Now it seems that yet another ‘BB’ couple is in the making with the growing intimacy between Steven and Kimberly in the passing weeks, culminating in them spending a steamy night together earlier this week which viewers believe saw him performing a sex act on her - following Steven’s fairly nauseating “open it” request.

bb couples

'BB' couples over the years

After knowing each other for less than a month, the businessman is now declaring that he’s “falling in love” with the Playboy model and law student, with the two saying they want to move in together “as soon as” they are evicted from the ‘BB’ compound.

While a naive part of us is hoping it all works out for the young couple, a slightly more cynical side can’t help but feel like we’ve seen all this before. Ever since Helen Adams first made eyes at Paul Clarke during the second series of ‘Big Brother’ in 2001, contestants have cottoned on to the fact that a romance - or, more to the point, a showmance - is a good way of sailing through to the end of the series, and while we can’t accuse every single ‘BB’ pairing of faking their relationship for the sake of the cameras, we can’t help but notice just how many couples have formed in the compound, only to fizzle out once they arrive back in the outside world.

Here are just some of the romances that have begun in ‘Big Brother’ over the years- but which ‘BB’ couple is your favourite..?

'BB' Couples Through The Years
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