Did Kristen Stewart Steal Jennifer Lawrence's Ex?

07/08/2014 19:10 | Updated 20 May 2015

Like most Hollywood starlets, Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence and Twilight's Kristen Stewart have long been dogged by rumours that they don't get along - despite their frequent claims to the contrary.

But now it seems Jen may have some well-justified beef with K-Stew.

France Cannes Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Party

Reports say Kristen, has been spending a lot of time with Jennifer's on-off boyfriend, X Men's Nicholas Hoult, who apparently gave 23-year-old Jen the heave-ho last week because of the strain her double Oscar-winning fame put on their relationship.

For shame, K-Stew! Or maybe not...

Kristen and Nicholas, both 24, have been working together for the filming of Equals in Japan and were recently spotted... going out for sushi together. Not exactly what you'd call conclusive evidence.

No wonder the ever-reliable Gossip Cop rated the rumour a big fat 0 on the truth chart, meaning that the K-Stew/Hoult romance is about as likely as their sushi chef being Elvis Presley.

The Mirror reports that Jennifer was quick to show there were no hard feelings, reaching out to Kristen in what was probably a totally chill, not-at-all-weird phone call

"She rang Kristen and said jokingly, 'Oh, apparently you're seeing my boyfriend?'

"Kristen allegedly laughed it off before the girls giggled down the phone together," said a source.

You can almost hear those totally non-awkward chuckles now, right? Ha, ha. Ha.

American Hustle star and noted faller-over J-Law first split with on-off boyfriend Hoult in January last year, before reuniting a few months later.

But the pressure of dating an A-list actress was seemingly starting to get to Hoult. And when Jen chose to go to the Dior Autumn/Winter 2014 couture show (where *that* Emma Watson incident happened) instead of joining Nic at the Wireless festival, it was apparently the final straw.

Even so, 3am's source continues to claim that 'J-Law and Nicholas are still a couple.'

Confused? We are!

At least Jennifer is busy enough to take her mind off her boy troubles - she is currently filming the third Hunger Games instalment, Mockingjay Part 1, while K-Stew and Nic will doubtless continue to sensually gorge tempura prawns together.

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