Ariana Grande's 'Break Free' Video Is One Of The Most Ridiculous/Amazing Things You'll Ever Lay Eyes On

13/08/2014 14:02 | Updated 13 August 2014

Ariana Grande has been bigging up the impending arrival of the video to her (amazing) new single 'Break Free' for weeks on her official Twitter page, and I must admit I've been getting ever so slightly giddy ahead of its unveiling (yes, I know).

And now I've witnessed the Barbarella-inspired, space-themed clip I have to say it really is one of the most ridiculous things I've have ever laid eyes on. And this is from someone who has attended more than one of Katie Price's legendary photocalls.

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There's boob bombs, a lightsabre lip balm… heck, the only thing missing is a couple of gay aliens getting off with each other at a spaceship disco.


Here's 13 of the silliest, is-this-really-happening? moments to look out for...

  • The song hasn't even started and we're already being told to 'brace ourselves' for something so 'fantastically fantastical' that we'll probably end up pooping our pants. Lovely.
  • And we're off. The scene: Ariana has to (ahem) break free her dancers who have been captured and caged by some nasty aliens. A few of them also look like they could do with a decent meal and a spray tan, but hey, that's zero gravity for you.
  • Good to see Rango is still getting some work.
  • And Gordon Ramsay.
  • Kabbalah has reached space, people.
  • Haven't we seen the whole popstar-stripping-off-in-zero-gravity somewhere before?
  • Thought so.
  • Nice boob bombs.
  • Sorry, my lips look dry? Thank god I packed my neon light saber lip balm.
  • We're alive! Let's party!
  • A gay alien kiss. Like a French kiss but with extra tongues.
  • Don't fancy yours much, Ariana.
  • Even in space they have gratuitous product placement beats pill speakers.
  • What was that noise, you say? That was producer Zedd's credibility crashing back down to earth.


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