Asos Menswear For Women: Shop And Style Boyfriend Jeans, Bombers And Brogues

14/08/2014 16:38 | Updated 22 May 2015

London Collections: Men has come a long way - you only have to look at the fourth season just gone to see the talent in menswear at the moment.

It's not all Savile Row tailored-to-perfection either, collections are fun and fresh and completely wearable.

I've always been a big fan of men's fashion, my wardrobe is completely androgynous and I love the concept of mixing it up when it comes to his and hers.

Teaming up with Asos, I've styled pieces from the brand's awesome men's Spring/Summer 2014 to prove just how accessible it is for us girls. When menswear looks this good, it would be crazy not to get involved...


Gold bomber jacket in faux leather now £36, regular sweatpants with PU side panel £30 and Derby shoes with studs £70 all by Asos.


Wayfarer sunglasses with tortoishelle fade frame £12 and scarab beetle pendant necklace £10 both by Asos.



Blue slouchy beanie hat £6, Virgin Mary print jumper £26, skinny jeans in 11.05 oz Indigo denim £30 all by Asos, Nike high-tops my own.



Navy bomber jacket with contrast leather look sleeves £55, black 54 motif T-shirt £12 and skinny jeans in 11.05 oz Indigo denim £30 all by Asos, Nike high-tops my own.



Blue and grey panelled blazer £70 with matching shorts £20, T-Shirt with Detroit foil print £16 all by Asos.

SONY DSCEllen Stewart

As far as pointers go in the men's dressing department, here's three things to think about when making additions to your everyday wardrobe:

1. Opt for oversized

The whole "boyfriend" t-shirt and jeans thing means they're going to be slightly too big. Just go with it. A motif top/jumper is your secret weapon here and Asos have some killer styles to choose from.

2. Select a few stand-out pieces

See the above gold bomber jacket - that's what I'm talking about. If you're not up for going top-to-toe in menswear then make sure you go all out on a key piece. Failing that, start small - mix in a beanie hat, jewellery and accessories. There are no definitive rules.

3. Mix up your favourite trends

You don't have to go for the street/sporty vibe like I have. Why not try a mannish brogue? A smart tailored blazer? Something you can team with your staple wardrobe pieces. But remember, the minimalist look is out - it's all about mix 'n' match brights.


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