Boy, 3, Died After His Head Was Stuck In Window Of Parked Car

20/11/2017 13:50 GMT

Three-year-old boy died after his head got stuck in window of parked car

A three-year-old boy was found dead with his head stuck through the window of a parked car.

The unidentified boy was found with his body hanging limp by his neck on the outside of the car around 6:30pm on Sunday in Gonzales, Louisiana.

It's presumed the boy broke his neck after sticking his head through the partially open window.

However, police said he wasn't tall enough to reach it without having stood on top of something.

Witnesses told investigators that the boy wandered off and that they began looking for him shortly afterwards.

They then found him dangling from the Chevrolet Lumina. The boy was rushed to hospital but he was pronounced dead at 7:30pm.