Kate Moss Was 'Difficult' (In The Words Of Calvin Klein)

24/11/2017 04:17 GMT

She's queen of the catwalk, she's ALL that is iconic about British beauty, she's THE Kate Moss. So the fact that she may have been a smidge hard work in the early days of her modelling career is TOTALLY forgivable, isn't it?

Calvin Klein has revealed that during that oh-so infamous shoot of Kate and Mark Wahlberg circa 1992 things weren't all plain sailing. During a chat with Marc Jacobs for Interview magazine, the designer revealed: "She had gone through some difficult times and it sometimes came through in the work and in the attitude".


La Moss has come a long way since then and Klein went on to say that on that particular shoot: "She ended up being really great, though". We never doubted her for a second.

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